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  • High annual efficiency
  • Excellent winter performance
  • Quick kick off at 160 to 200 W/mē
  • Highly efficient vacuum insulation

Sunstar High Energy Evacuated Tube Solar Panels

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Solar Panels are heated by the sun - even on cloudy days and in the far North.

The heat gathered is transferred via a pump and various controls (pump station) to heat e.g. hot water, provide heat to boost a heating system and so on. 

Typically, solar panels will provide 70% of hot water requirements - making considerable cost savings

In addition, the Renwable Heat Incentive grant is available on all our solar products.

  • High ouiput in winter and cloudy weather
  • Long life, proven reliability
  • Tubes are equipped with overheat protection
  • Can be exposed without damage when not in use
  • Hail resistant borosilicate glass

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Solar Keymark the mark of QualityThe products have the Solar Keymark Approval which means that the Renewable Heat Incentive grant is available.

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HP 20 and HP 30

Each panel is made up of 20 or 30 tubes, multiple panels are used to increase heat output. 

When installed the angle of the panels may be adjusted to optimise winter performance.

Olymp Solar Flat Roof Installation

DF 100-6

DF 100-6 Solar Panels
Olymp DF100-6 Hotel Installation

Each panel comprises 6 tubes, Multiple panels are used to increase heat output.

These panels may be installed vertically or flat. The image to the right shows an installation where the panels are installed at an angle of approximately 87.5 degrees.

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Solar panels typically produce 70% of hot water requirements.

solar panel diagram

A typical solar sytem

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