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Wellness heating

with Olymp ALURads

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Olymp Alurads Heating, Cooling, Towel Warmers

Our extruded Aluminium radiators transmit heat 4 times faster than steel.  

This means that an Olymp AluRad will be smaller and considerably  lighter than a Steel radiator with the same heat output at the same flow temperature.

AluRads are smaller and Ideal for heat pumps and systems with under floor heating without performance loss.

Water Filled Radiator with cutaway section

Olymp Aluminium Radiator Cutaway

Download the Radiator Brochure here

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Download the technical information here   

The difference between an Olymp radiator and a conventional radiator is in the construction. 

Olymp radiators contain about 90% less water than conventional radiators which means they use less fuel to heat up, and, due to the excellent conductivity of aluminium, they start heating  immediately which gives superior control over heat.  Savings of up to 30% compared to steel radiators have been made.

The radiator design means that a physically smaller radiator can be used  when compared to a steel panel radiator with the same output,  irrespective of the flow temperature.


Warmth made to measure - the best controlled response - minimal water content - the best heat generation in low temperature operation due to high  quality aluminium design.

Space SavingGreat for gas and oil heating systemsElectric and Eltric/Water version availableIdeal for Heat PumpsPerfect for Undefloor Heating systems combined with radiatorsSolar Systems

Olymp Free Standing Radiator small

Free Standing Models Available

Small size - high heat output - even at low flow temperatures. To check  the outputs at various flow temperatures, download the technical  information here

Olymp Electric Radiator

Electric Radiator

Amazing design

The Olymp aluminium radiator distributes the heat quickly and evenly in the room to ensure a cosy room climate. The optional towel and shoe warmers are for soft drying and towel warming .

Despite their dual function as a mirror and a radiato, they have a high thermal output and can be additionally equipped with electrical heating for  cool summer days.


Towel Warmer

Olymp Towle Warmer in Use

Olymp Radiator with Optional Hooks

Optional Hooks

Towel Warmers

Shoe Drier

Shoe Drier

Download the Radiator Brochure here

Download the technical information here

Designer Options

Designer Options

Choose from 180 colours

The colours are a selection of those available, but should be checked against a colour chart .

Radiator Dimensions

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